Home Hardening was born out of the idea that there are a number of fairly simple, fairly easy, and fairly affordable ways of significantly improving the security of one’s home.  Most of these ideas are applicable to stand-alone structures that you can make minor modifications to, but some of them can be adapted to apartment/townhouse living as well.

The term “hardening” comes from the notion that you want your house to present a “hard” target – i.e. one that will require too much effort and result in too much attention to break into.  Even better than a criminal trying to break into your house and failing is one who never tries at all.

About Me:

After spending four years in the Navy and five years managing physical security at a National Laboratory, I’ve learned a number of different tricks for improving safety and security.  I won’t say I’m an expert, and you should definitely gather information from more folks than just me, but I’m happy to share what I know.


Nothing on this site should be construed, interpreted, or taken as legal or construction advice.  In no way do I guarantee any of this will actually work.  It’s not my fault if you cut off your hand or burn your house down while attempting anything I mention.  90% of security is employing the squishy stuff between your ears, so please do that while reading this blog and especially while doing anything I suggest.